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Project for Milan Design Week 2019

Designers: Christina Olsen & Ida Høstrup


We all know the situation where the neighbour or the parents-in-law unexpectedly are dropping by and immediately we come with the apologetic sentence: “sorry for the mess”. We are embarrassed by our clutter. We believe that we signal that we have no control over things and the mess becomes an inner shame, and a taboo that is connected to the culture of perfection we see in society.


We cannot alleviate the shame of clutter, but we can help people structure their mess. ARK is the innovative idea for a storage furniture, adapted to the modern family’s need for storing small items such as papers, computer, iPad, mobile phones and keys. In this way, ARK creates the opportunity to declutter and create space to “frame” and highlight the things that are important, and which create personality in the interior.


Project for Milan Design Week 2019