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Creativity has always been a part of my everyday life. I like to look at things differently, to wonder and improve. To find a new perspective and focus on the detail in a design. I like the simplicity and believe that even the simplest can create the strongest expression.


Through my designs I want to raise awareness of people as we are and focus on everyday challenges. Through aesthetic furniture design, I want to influence people’s everyday life with a desire to recognize people. To help people by creating furniture designs that deals with everyday life and that solve everyday challenges in a beautiful way.


2019-  P.Ba   Furniture design – VIA Design and Business

2018   AK Furniture design – VIA Design and Business

2010   Financial Management

2007   Basic leadership course


2019   Coming up – Says Who – intern

2017   Skovby Møbelfabrik – intern


2019   Coming up: Trends & Traditions, Copenhagen

2019   Coming up: Ventura Future, Milan

2018   Formland Spring, Herning